5 Questions to Help you get UNSTUCK!

As I have entered 2018, trying to unstuck myself, these are five questions that have aided my journey.

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Before we ask ourselves these 5 very simple questions, take a moment and pause.  Take a deep breath.  As we begin to question ourselves, a war will start to take place between our instinctual self and Our “logical” self.  We must not listen to “logic” for it is little more than our ego’s worst fears.   “Logic”, who plans, makes excuses, and formulates, is the not voice to answer these questions.   Reflex, gut, first instinct is the answer.  We may not like the first answer that comes to mind.  Take a breath.  It’s ok.  We unlocked a door.  The next step will take courage.  We got this!

  1. What restores me physically, emotionally, and spiritually? (i.e. Exercise, cooking, painting, dancing, hiking, making a boss deal, winning a case.)  

What is the exercise that balances my scales and fills mysails?  Find that place. Go there.  Return to it as often as we can…

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The Dirtiest Word in the American Language


The dirtiest word in the American language.

Damn you Puritans.

Your work ethic,

short on ethic

long on work,


rythym to thyme,

time to tomorrow.

Todays forever fearful filled with anything but…


Lists Lost; Lets List(en)

A few months ago, one of my dearest friends asked me,

"What would a day without a list look like for you? Have you ever even done that?!?!?"

There was no judgement or condescension in her voice, just true kinship, the kind that CAN say those things and not send you into a tail spin.

Today, while stacking rocks, I was struck that List is the root of Listen.
The word list has always felt incomplete, lacking. This makes sense. The nature of a list is completion, itself, delayed.

To live or die by the list.

How can we ever be asked to List-EN (IN) the moment when chasing the the high that completion brings.

The snake is catching its tale.