The Dirtiest Word in the American Language


The dirtiest word in the American language.

Damn you Puritans.

Your work ethic,

short on ethic

long on work,


rythym to thyme,

time to tomorrow.

Todays forever fearful filled with anything but…


Spiritual Ganster

Light and dark.
Then and now.

History repeats its
lessons when
blinded by self
we fight for ego
rather than truth.

Self compassion
the antithesis of ego.

Got my mind on this moment
Got this moment on my mind.
Gangster is against the grain
Gangster is grit and grime

Spiritual is not just Sundays.
Spiritual is life, grit and grime
Against the grain.
Got my mind on this moment.
Got this moment on my mind.

More than I can stomach

My eye are big

My heart is bigger,

but my stomach is small.


My dreams are biggest.

My hopes are greatest,

but my stomach is small.


Today I try.

Tomorrow I try harder.

For what?

I’m not sure.


To enlarge my stomach?


That sounds about right.


My stomach,

my moderator,

my greatest adversary in life,

telling me something.


Rarely choosing to listen.

driven by hopes and dreams,

“more than I can stomach”

reminding me,


Chose wisely.


Your eyes are big.

Your heart is bigger,

but your stomach is small,

for there is living to do.