Lists Lost; Lets List(en)

A few months ago, one of my dearest friends asked me,

"What would a day without a list look like for you? Have you ever even done that?!?!?"

There was no judgement or condescension in her voice, just true kinship, the kind that CAN say those things and not send you into a tail spin.

Today, while stacking rocks, I was struck that List is the root of Listen.
The word list has always felt incomplete, lacking. This makes sense. The nature of a list is completion, itself, delayed.

To live or die by the list.

How can we ever be asked to List-EN (IN) the moment when chasing the the high that completion brings.

The snake is catching its tale.


What Remains

Fractured limbs
Bear witness to
The countless hours
Spent dreaming,
Tied to earth
And you.

What remains,
Eternal in my heart,
For your silent witness
To childhood.

More than I can stomach

My eye are big

My heart is bigger,

but my stomach is small.


My dreams are biggest.

My hopes are greatest,

but my stomach is small.


Today I try.

Tomorrow I try harder.

For what?

I’m not sure.


To enlarge my stomach?


That sounds about right.


My stomach,

my moderator,

my greatest adversary in life,

telling me something.


Rarely choosing to listen.

driven by hopes and dreams,

“more than I can stomach”

reminding me,


Chose wisely.


Your eyes are big.

Your heart is bigger,

but your stomach is small,

for there is living to do.